Zero Tillage Drill Techniligy for sowing wheat gains popularity in Jalandhar

Zero Tillage Drill Techniligy for  sowing wheat gains popularity in Jalandhar

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Zero Tillage Drill Technology for  sowing wheat gains popularity in Jalandhar
By SK.Vyas :

JALANDHAR, November 17,2019;  The Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ welfare is sensitizing the farmers to sow the wheat with

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the help of super seeder, happy seeder and zero drill machines, the Zero tillage drill technology has gained popularity among the farmers in the district.
It is learnt that Jalandhar has a total area 4.25 lakh acre under wheat cultivation and out of which 2.60 lakh acre has already been sown by the farmers till by now.

As per the department, around 50,000-acre area has been sown under zero tillage drill technology till to date which is likely to reach 1 lakh acre in this season. The last year, the wheat area was sown under the same technology was only 56000 acres.

Divulging the details, Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Nazar Singh said that zero drill tillage technology reduces the cost of field preparation and increases the water-holding capacity of the soil.
He also said that in the fields prepared under this technique, the weeds infestation is too low and further it saves irrigation water up to 10-15% during first irrigation and improves crop yield also.

The fertility of the soil has been found improved in fields where stubble management was done with the help of machines.He also said that last year,  304 happy seeder machines were procured by the farmers but this year, 422 happy seeder and super seeder machines were availed by individuals and groups from Custom Hiring Centres (CHCs) under In-Situ management for crop residue scheme.
Singh told that these machines can sow wheat minimum 6 to 8 acres per day easily. The cost of these machines is about 2.00 Lakh and the department is providing subsidy 50-per cent to individual farmers and 80-per cent to farmers group on the purchase of these machines.

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